The National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Setting

The National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Setting Any standard of national guideline for first aid training in an occupational, or on the job, setting is exactly that: a guideline. They establish a general advisory on; why it is important, what all employees should know, what first aid supplies should be available, and what sort of emergency/first aid ... [Continue Reading]


Top 7 New Technologies in Dentistry

Like everything else in life, dental technology has also evolved and has become drastically more advanced. The best part is, it’s still evolving and becoming even more advanced to ensure dental patients safety and the best dental treatment. For people that have a phobia of the dentist can also be assured that with these new and advanced technologies, it makes your ... [Continue Reading]


Simple Healthy Living Tips for Kids to Follow

Even children should pay attention to their health. Parents should teach their children the importance of keeping the body fit and healthy. Otherwise, the kids will just continue eating food that is not nutritious for them. They will end up losing their precious body to sickness and even injuries. If you do not want that to happen, then the kids should be taught some tips ... [Continue Reading]


6 Ways on How to Prevent Dry Lips

The lips are one of the assets that most of the girls are using to entice men. However, that will not be the case in the event that your lips are dried up and cracked. Aside from that, it is also very uncomfortable to have lip sores which are the usual results of having dry lips. A dry and cracked lip is actually not a disorder, but something that can be treated with the ... [Continue Reading]

Before oral checkup

Simple Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Taking care of a person's oral health is essential. With proper oral care, one's oral health will be in good condition. One can stay away from oral ailments such as canker sores, oral cancer, periodontal diseases, and so much more. Once these ailments are deterred, it will subsequently result to keeping one's overall health in good condition. There are many oral care ... [Continue Reading]


Dental Care Tips for People with HIV/AIDS

Any person with HIV/AIDS knows that the disease affects just about every aspect of their life, and this extends to the way they take care of their oral health. People with HIV/AIDS are more likely to have dental problems than those without, and the following tips will help HIV/AIDS suffers keep their teeth and gums free of serious complications, despite the disease. 1. ... [Continue Reading]


Keeping Stress at Bay for Health

Did you know that stress is one of the leading causes of illness? While many of us don’t think that stress can have such a negative effect on us, the reality is that it can actually be a detriment to our health. Not only does stress cause us to perform at the top of our game mentally, it can also have adverse effects on the way our bodies handle germs and other outside ... [Continue Reading]


Keeping Kids Healthy For Back to School

It’s that time of year again when the kids are gearing up to head back to school. It’s also that time of year when germs and bacteria run rampant amongst all the youngsters. From runny noses to coughs there is no lack of germ spreading going on in the school that your child goes to. Not to worry. You can do your part with your child to ensure they remain healthy ... [Continue Reading]


Preparing For Your Visit to the Dentist

Nobody wants to go to the dentist with bad breath or food stuck in their teeth, but by cleaning your teeth before you go, you can help to avoid embarrassment while also making sure that your dentist can see everything without any obstruction. If you have a visit to the dentist booked soon then there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that it goes smoothly. ... [Continue Reading]

tooth illustration

Teeth brushing 101

  I am sure that you have brushed or washed your teeth a certain way for a very long time but have you ever wondered if you are doing it right? According to a Fargo Dentist, Melinda Harr, Chances are that you are making some of the common mistakes that are diminishing the effects of your teeth brushing efforts and cause issues with your oral health. Here are ... [Continue Reading]


Foods to Avoid so as to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Teeth are the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning them. People tend to ignore the fact that healthy teeth are a sign that one observes the highest levels of hygiene. Good healthy teeth also minimize the cases of one losing their teeth due to infections. Some of the diseases that affect the teeth are dental caries also known as cavities. It is characterized by ... [Continue Reading]